how can people even be cute, tell me your secrets

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i don’t understand how there are people who don’t listen to music ever like

are you people okay??????

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wake up america 

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starting the boyfriend challenge

i challenge all cute boys to try and become my boyfriend in the next 24 hours

or they can just donate to me

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the nhl regular season begins october 8th.

the nhl regular season begins october 8th.

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Hockey team in Las Vegas

Burger King buying Tim Horton’s

the world’s ending

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i’m fluent in talking shit

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english words that pitbull knows

  • party
  • miami

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how many followers do I need until I get random anons asking me how my day was?

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"My life is a better place because I knew Robin Williams. To my children he was Uncle Robin, to everyone he worked with, he was the best boss anyone had ever known, and to me he was not just an inspiration but he was the Father I had always dreamed of having. There are not enough adjectives to describe the light he was, to anyone that ever had the pleasure to meet him. I will miss him everyday, but I know the memory of him will live on. And to his family, I thank them for letting us know him and seeing the joy they brought him. Us crazy ones love you." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Avengers Photoset #37

pic 3 by harmonia3784 


Photoset #36

Photoset #38

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